Baseball is a sport that has not yet reached the general public in Germany but has been an absolute popular sport in the US for more than a hundred years. While the baseball teams and their players in Germany are more likely to have a wallflowering season, high fees are paid and youth dreams are fulfilled in the USA. The very complicated game with the small ball is a feast for friends of the statistics. Here, stars are made and contracts developed. The life of a baseball pros is presented glamorously in the public and arouses needs. There are advantages and disadvantages of such a career. It depends on the personality.

As a baseball professional realize a childhood trajectory

There are of course many perceptible advantages for a sport professional in today's society. The financial prosperity is secured when a contract can be concluded in major league baseball. The possibilities, for themselves and the nearing family, to be able to absorb extremely high sums are available. In addition, there is the public that this profession entails. To be in the limelight and to be admired is for many people a desirable goal. However, it is particularly difficult to get a living with the hobby, and sometimes even more, to earn. Not many people can say that they can make money with their favorite job. The option of not having to go into an ordinary professional life is like a dream that can suddenly be fulfilled.

Your own life in the sport

Even in childhood the foundations are laid for a professional career to be striven for. With many training sessions and also a renouncement of many normal everyday things, the work on the baseball profi begins. Afterwards it is enormously much on journeys and troublesome with the bus the subclass teams have to be driven, so that the player can recommend for higher tasks. This can be a treadmill, in which many people lose their passion for sport. If the protagonist has made it into the Major Leagues, the public work can become a burden and also overload. The journeys do not take off, but are now usually completed by plane. On the other hand, there are now press dates, advertising and social activities that require a day of more than 24 hours. The concentration on the essentials often remains on the line. A burn-out is not a rare phenomenon in such overloaded people.

The personality decides the path to be taken

If the player is created for the world of top sports with all their comforts and is responsibly responsible, the baseball career can actually be the fulfillment of the wildest dreams. However, if a labile character is equipped with such pressure, one's life can be completely destroyed. This psychological variant should be cleared in advance. Before a player enters this shark pool of professional sports, a personality check can provide helpful tips and tips. The behavior and stress must be adjusted. Freedoms for private things should be created, so that not all parties involved can suffer heavy losses.

New Player

Gene Schott
14 July 1913
Frederick Boardman
18 February 1851
Dave Hostetler
27 March 1956
Spike Shannon
7 February 1878
Neill Sheridan
20 November 1921

Top Player

Harrison Bader
3 June 1994

Roy Smith
18 May 1976
Gene Schott
14 July 1913
John Ramos
6 August 1965

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